– thin stone commonly used for
facing block foundations, shows
mortar, available for most
applications where block has
already been laid. This type of
stonework is one of the most
common stone applications.

Building Stone-

Thick stone, 6 inches and
thicker, shows mortar. This
stone application is used
primarily in retaining walls,
fireplaces, chimneys, columns,
and exteriors of homes.

Dry Stack-

All size stone cut to match,
does not show mortar. A labor
intensive process, dry stack is
used in higher end projects.
Perfect for Residential and
Commercial applications. Dry
Stack looks great on retaining
walls, fireplaces, columns,
exteriors of homes, chimneys,
mailboxes, subdivision signs,
and more.

Custom Dry Stack-

A variation of the dry stack
technique utilizing different
sizes and types of stone. Unique
patterns and a truly one of a
kind appearance are trademarks
of this style of stonework.
Great for foundations, columns,
fireplaces, mailboxes, gated
entrances and more.


Flat surfaces easy to walk
on, ideal for transitions from
driveway to front door or to a
main entrance. Also, its a great
application for entertaining

Pebble Dash
– Fernando’s Stone Works
specializes in Pebble dash
stucco for both new construction
and remodeling or resurfacing.
Pebble dash stones can vary from
large, medium, small in both
irregular and smooth surfaces.

Exterior Stucco

Offering both Knockdown and
Stenciled Stucco